My Not So Secret Obessesions

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"Looking at you, Kaguya was reminded of her two sons. So gentle, so sweet. Kaguya who was sealed away in her own children. Makes you truly feel sorry for a mother like her, doesn’t it?"

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Team 7

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thanks nintendo


that’s the scariest way to hold a phone ever

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12 Days of SnK    

A character you came to love ~ Mikasa Ackerman
I actually used to hate Mikasa’s guts with a burning passion and I disliked how overprotective she was. But then I read the manga and re-watched the anime and it actually showed me how beautiful  of a character she is. She isn’t perfect, she has weaknesses, but the only reason she’s protective of Eren is because he’s her only family. I came to love how she was, it took me a bit though. Once I came to love her, was also the time I came to love my OTP. I’m glad I did :)

"From far away came the sounds of someone’s laughter."


Hisoka’s Arc Appearances + Outfits

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